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"there's always a curveball on every mission"" Kakashi and Sakura were use to the curveballs life usually threw them, but this?This came out of no where and will change their whole lives."I see dead people" is embarrassingly tacky, and "I'm half-spirit" seems like something Sakura might say when she's stoned sky high. Kagome finds herself homeless thanks to her rowdy roomies and has to move in with her best guy friends… The taiyoukai finds him self suffering from a strange combination of ailments, something his father calls simply 'The Syndrome'."She said I was like the North Star." He snaps his head to look at her as she douses the cigarette in the ashtray on the table. Kagome has a recurring nightmare and one night she finds Rin alone and offers to spend the night with her.

Favorite animes and pairings to write about include but are not limited to: Inuyasha = Sess Kag, Koga Kag, Koga Rin, San Mir, Inu San mostly. My family was one of thousands affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico, leaving us without any water or electricity for the past 100 days. But this has obviously affected my life in unprecedented ways and writing fics has taken a very hard back-seat in my list of priorities.Because Gatō only needed Zabuza to neutralize Kakashi. For years now Naruto has had to endure constant harassment from people around him.But recently the harassment has become too much to bear.That includes "Shikon Hentai High", "Teacher's Favorite", "Moonlight Shadow", "And they call it Puppy Love" and "Teacher (with Benefits)".I might update once every blue moon, but as things stand now, I see that being very hard.A wannabe novelist, I spend my time writing nonsensical little drabbles and original stories.

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