Tammy trent dating again


My eyes fell on Trent's yard shoes, lined up next to the door leading into the house. We had watched it together the night before we left for Jamaica.

He wore them when he was mowing the grass or working outside, and he always took them off before he came inside. Trent loved that movie, and we had both wiped away tears at the end, where Patch loses the love of his life. I didn't weep uncontrollably, but the tears rolled down my cheeks, and occasionally I covered my mouth to keep from sobbing aloud.

Shannon reached over and took my hand, but neither of us said anything. "Are you sure you don't want me to go in with you, Tammy? But thank you, Shannon.""If you need anything, you know I'm here." She lived just a couple of doors away. Then I punched in the code to open the garage door.

Hearing the familiar noise as it rumbled up, a morsel of memory flashed through my mind: Trent and me coming out through the garage, carrying our luggage to the car, big smiles on our faces and happy to be on our way to Jamaica.

In the following excerpt, we pick up the story two weeks after Trent's death and shortly after the funeral, when Tammy is returning to her Nashville home.

She had asked a neighbor, Shannon, to pick her up at the airport and take her to the house. But when we pulled into our neighborhood, I began crying.

Earlier that year, I had been ready to say, "I'm done." I didn't know which way to turn anymore with my music, and I was ready to give it up.

I imagined Trent sliding under the surface, holding his breath.

There were candles all around the edge of the tub, and I noticed a little matchbook leaning against one of them.

I smiled, remembering how I'd said, "Honey, pick that up," but in the rush to leave that morning, he'd obviously forgotten it.

In our bathroom, I rubbed my hand along the big bathtub we'd shared so many times.

I want to pay tribute to Trent and also show others, by his example, how they can become more thoughtful husbands and wives, more fun to be with, and how they can bring devotion to God into everything they do.

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