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The book is a social psychological study on how conventional masculinity is challenged, subverted, or perpetuated in contemporary gay male culture. Please register by writing to [email protected] 18 to Sun 21 Aug Indig Nation Film Festival Opening Film: Front Cover (USA) (R21) Directed by Ray Yeung A skillfully written and acted gay love story about two young men of Chinese ancestry, Ray Yeung’s “Front Cover” has a title that evokes the differences in its main characters.Ryan (Jake Choi), a New York fashion stylist, aims his energies toward the front covers of magazines.The rights of LGBTIQ people in Singapore have been under attack for decades.We’ve had to struggle against laws like Section 377A, which criminalises sex between men; homophobic and transphobic policies in media censorship and sex education; as well as unapologetic discrimination from society.This event will be hosted by Kokila Annamalai and Ng Yi-Sheng, and will feature writers including Irfan Kasban, Faris Joraimi, Max Pasakorn and Catalina Rembuyan.Thu 17 Aug The Bear Project x Queer Book Club: Faeries, Bears, & Leathermen The Bear Project and Queer Book Club are collaborating to discuss FAERIES, BEARS, AND LEATHERMEN: MEN IN COMMUNITY QUEERING THE MASCULINE by Peter Hennen.

Together, we’ll celebrate the passions of the heart and the linguistic, sexual and gender diversity of our lands.

Our fourth and final weekend combines both activism and pleasure.

The newly formed Inter Alia Legal Diversity Forum will hold Conversations on Activism, a sharing session by key Singaporean pro-LGBT activists.

This movie was a groundbreaking work in Thailand, presenting itself as a gay family film, with neither sex scenes nor violence.

Remarkably, it passed censors in China, and was embraced by the Chinese gay community as a highly positive representation of a same-sex couple.

This gathering will seek to dispel the myth that LGBTIQ love and rights are only matters that concern our English-speaking population.

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