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The good news is that she’s always paid the monthly minimums (about 5 and per card, respectively), has an excellent credit score, and is ready to tackle her payments more aggressively.Still, the most she can manage is about 0 per month, on top of the 9 per month she pays for student loans.The only savings she has is an old 401(k) containing ,000 from a previous job.She knows she’s not supposed to liquidate it, but in this case, would it make sense for her to do so to get rid of her debt? Whenever I ask people about credit-card debt — which, admittedly, is not often — they tend to make a depressing “oof” noise that sounds like defeat.Verify your photos to show you're real and make your profile discreet to keep things private.Your email address and personal identifiable information are never revealed.Beverly recommends the Chase Slate card, which offers a 0 percent APR for 15 months, or the Citi Simplicity card, which offers a 0 percent APR for 18 months but comes with a balance-transfer fee of 3 percent.Once you move your debt onto one of these cards, you’ll need to hit it with everything you’ve got before your time runs out and the APR goes back up (it’ll probably land somewhere between 16 percent and 24 percent, so about what you’re paying now).

“Keep paying until you’re sure that your other two accounts are both at zero.” And, of course, there’s a caveat.

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To live in New York is to stagger along the line between impossibly expensive and completely worth it. Jackie, it seems like you’re in a good mental space when it comes to your debt: You’re not wallowing around in guilt or self-pity, but you’re aware that you need to get after it urgently, right now, .

Those soaring, on-top-of-the-world moments that come with working and playing here (emphasis on “working,” in your case, as there are better writing jobs here than anywhere else) usually outsprint the creeping anxiety of not quite living within your means. And while I like your gung-ho attitude, liquidating your 401(k) savings to jump-start the process is a bad idea, as I’m sure the wider internet has told you as well.

You can set up the transfer online (just call a customer-service rep if you get mired in jargon).

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