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Its agricultural business, which retained the ED&F Man name, was sold to management the same year.The rapid expansion of the Man Investments unit in the emerging hedge fund management business shrouded many investors from the development of its brokerage unit.The brokerage business made the final identity change to MF Global simultaneously with that IPO, which occurred in June 2007.The then-separate investment business retained the name of Man Group. The provision was the result of unauthorized trading by a representative in a MF Global branch office, who on February 27, 2008, while trading in the wheat futures market in his personal account, substantially exceeded his authorized trading limit.MF Global's former parent, then known as ED&F Man, diversified from pure cash commodities into commodity futures in the late 1970s, and established the Anderson Man futures brokerage in 1981.It later changed its name to "ED&F Man International" and then "Man Financial".Also, MF Global made a .3 billion investment on its own behalf in bonds of some of Europe’s most indebted nations.

Corzine was working to find a buyer, according to several reports.

MF Global held a conference call issued statements confirming MF Global was in compliance with regulatory and financial requirements.

Jon Corzine, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, Governor of New Jersey, and United States Senator, began his tenure as CEO of MF Global in March 2010. From 1994-1999, Corzine held the role of Chief Executive Officer for Goldman Sachs.

Corzine had been given specific assurances that the transfer in question was proper, and that no customer funds had been used. On November 5, 2013 The New York Times reported that MF Global customers would likely recover 100 percent of their funds. This is a great outcome, which has been anticipated for many months." Customers have since received distributions making them whole.

Some of these complex repos have been described as a wrong-way .3 billion bet MF Global made on its own behalf on bonds of some of Europe’s most indebted nations.

MF Global Inc., its broker-dealer subsidiary, was a primary dealer in United States Treasury securities.

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