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A COMPREHENSIVE ETYMOLOGICAL DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE Dealing with the origin of words and their sense development thus illustrating the history of civilization and culture BY Dr. 10017 ELSEVIER PUBLISHING COMPANY LIMITED RIPPLESIDE COMMERCIAL ESTATE BARKING.

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They are important milestones along the way leading to the majestic Palace of Human Knowledge. Hehn, V., Kulturpflanzen und Haustiere in ihrem Obergang aus Asien nach Griechenland und Italien' 8. Litmann E., Morgenlandische Worter im Deutschen, 2nd ed., Tubingen, 1924. , Etymologisches Worterbuch der europaischen (germanischen, romanischen und slavischen) Worter orientalischen Ursprungs, Heidelberg, 1927.

This dictionary gives also the etymologies of personal names and mythological names. = Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft. Littre's Dictionnaire de la langue francaise, Pans, 1884.

Some other features of this dictionary: What the elements are to chemistry, what the sounds are to music, are words to language. Feist, S., Vergleichendes Worterbuch der gotischen Sprache, 3rd ed., Leiden, 1939- Frankel Siegmund, Die aramaischen Fremdworter im Arabischen, Leyden, 1886. Libros, Leiden, 195 • Lewis and Short, A Latin Dictionary, Oxford, 195 1- Lewy H Die semitischen Fremdworter im Griechischen, Berlin, 1895.

On this occasion I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Canada Council, whose grant made it possible for me to have the manuscript of my dictionary typed in order to pre- pare it for the press.

The generosity of this noble institution will continue to serve for me as a precious stimulus for further scientific work.

This is why my dictionary may also serve as a preliminary work for an ety- mological dictionary of the Semitic languages themselves.

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