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This information is used to establish how many people visit , enable us to organize the pages for the best usability, make the website suitable for your browser, and ensure that our pages are working at their full potential.Although we collect information on site traffic we do not record information on particular visitors to our site, which means that no information about you as an individual is retained or used.

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A cookie is a small piece of information delivered by a website that is saved to your hard disk by the browser on your computer.

This includes the activities of making effective for you to use and making appropriate responses to your requests for information and other features or services.

Unless specifically mentioned, we do not use your personal information for any other reason.

For example, we may cooperate with an external company to: (a) Oversee a customer information database; (b) help us in sending out emails; (c) help us with direct marketing and collection of data; (d) assist us with storage and data analysis; (d) prevent fraudulent activity; and (e) deliver other services aimed at making the most of our business potential.

It is our stipulation that these external companies must agree to keep all information confidential and use information we share only to carry out their duties according to agreements between us.

You should always ask if the site does not make the necessary information available to you.

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