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One last thing to keep in mind: once you chose to settle down with that 9 or 10, you need to keep chasing your dream and living a passionate life.If you drop everything just because you settled down, you’re going to lose the girl in no time.Don’t take it seriously, just have fun with them, enjoy your freedom as a single men in his prime and at his full potential.Have at least 2 girlfriends or fuck-friends at a time, and continue to date and flirt with new girls everywhere you go.Then, they start going out more and exposing themselves to more opportunities for the sake of meeting a lot more women.To increase their chances at getting the hook-up of a lifetime, they start reading about seduction and pickup artistry (PUA) on the web, and maybe even read a few book on how to attract women.At first glance, it may seem that sometimes there are glitches in the matrix, so to speak.

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But the 9 and 10 are still completely out of their league.

The most common problem of guys who try to get hot women is that their purpose and drive in life is actually hunting hot women. Their quest is doomed to fail sooner or later, a quest that just ended as soon as the deal has been sealed. The 10 who is used to deal with the coolest man out there can smell that this is about to happen which, in turn, is going to turn her off!

Becoming excellent at picking up women becomes their passion. Another thing is, this paradigm puts the woman as the target you’re hunting, which, even if you use deception to hide that fact, is the opposite of what you need to do.

Now, something that you can do right now to start building your chicks network is to get a good online dating book like Online Dating: Master The Art of Internet Dating: Create The Best Profile, Choose The Right Pictures, Communication Advice…

also in Audio Book here, then open a few online dating accounts and follow the direction from the book. Online dating can be an extremely efficient tool to bring a never ending flow of new, available, looking for sex, women in your life, if done the right way, thus creating a solid platform on which you can build on.

If you’re someone who usually goes after what he wants in life, who is not afraid to take action and make things happen, it might be probable that one of those things you’re trying to figure out is how to get a relationship with a very hot woman, also called a “10”.

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