Kissing while dating

Suck on it gently and try not to let your lips touch his.

Then go back to the tongue-swirling, full-mouth kiss. : Don't open your mouth too wide and give too much tongue, or you'll slobber all over his face! take my- breath away kiss This kiss is for people in love! Then reverse order and let him exhale while you inhale.

It takes both of you to get it right, so let him know how to do this kiss before you start, and promise him he'll be happy he tried something new! Tip: Both of you should grab a mint first.) Agree to inhale and exhale at separate times-let him inhale first. You're practicing giving and receiving from the heart it's like you're becoming one.

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Start with two or three lingering pecks on the lips, then lightly suck in his bottom lip. Then go back to the lingering pecks and pull away before it becomes an open-mouth kiss. Let him know it's about slowing way down so that you can focus on every one of your senses and tune in to the taste and texture of each other's lips. Then pull back and wrap your lips around the tip of his tongue.

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and they're even making out in public -- problem is, THEY'RE BOTH MARRIED TO OTHER PEOPLE.

Morris is married to actress Mary Mc Cormack (who played Howard Stern's wife in "Private Parts") ...

But the smitten couple were spotted canoodling on a romantic break at the exclusive Swiss Alpine ski resort of Verbier.

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