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Honestly, I was hoping to find a magic answer or a solution when I started reading because I do need that..

it's just because I'm a foreigner here and people are a bit ignorant, some of them won't even respond when I greet them in the morning, as if they didn't hear any thing. I get the same treatment and I grew up in this country!

Also, remember that many people will not rise to the level that you would.

(If you give people the power to feed you, you've also given them the power to starve you! The only concrete idea you offer up on what to do when being ignored, is to look inward to see if your expectations are too high. Not good enough to only offer a feeble solution to a problem some of us struggle with. To solve the generally bad feeling you get from being ignored, you can apply the advices of addressing the specific problem and work to have a high self esteem. (preferably in a food place, some places are really good and let their staff take excess food home that would otherwise be thrown away). I've personally noticed that if I'm having a day where several of my emails, calls, texts, or whatever go without response, I start to become so agitated. one thing I will never understand is work colleagues who can't seem to manage their emails or bother to respond. I always try to respond to people's requests for information, that same day if possible, and if not, I'll send a quick email saying when I can get back to them.

When you’re often treated with indifference, you can tend to write yourself off as unworthy.

If that's your default emotion, are you asking for too much?

The best way to make someone hate you is to make them feel like they don't matter.

As far as what to do about it, I agree that the person being ignored should take a look in the mirror.

Many people are just dunces at communicating, or they are selfish. Getting no response to a job application you submitted is different than being ignored by, say, neighbors or the other parents from your kid's soccer team. But the latter is much more personal and harder to shake off.

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