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Android is an open source operating system, but most of the software that we use on our phones isn’t.If you’ve ever wanted to use only the open source bits, the easiest way is to replace your phone’s default firmware with a custom ROM.Next is what’s left after I disable all the apps that require a Google account.

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When I first started using Google, it was to perform searches.

Saying goodbye to Google means losing out on the many Android apps that Google makes.

If you choose to go a step further, like I did, and use only open source software, say goodbye to social networks, music streaming services, popular games, most navigation tools, cloud storage providers, video streaming sites, and most productivity tools.

As it turns out, giving up Google is possible, and the experience isn’t nearly as bad as you might think.

This is a look at what I’m still able to do without relying on any of Google’s services, including Google Play services, and what I have had to give up.

Opting not to sign in with a Google account reduces some of the information you’re giving away.

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