Java code for validating ip address

Oh, I've been on this boat for a few months now ... grab the nearest metal object that is fastened to the boat and HANG ON! A little googling turned this up, you may be interested in it: Java FX development for Android And it should not matter one bit, what you are using for your IDE ...

Java FX and your IDE are not in any way related ...

Now, when I open my Java FX form in Scene Builder, then select the Text Field I need to apply the filter on, on the right side of Scene Builder, I have a property under the Code: section called On Key Typed, and if my method (the code I pasted above) is already in my controller class, then in the drop down box, I will have an option to chose that code to apply to that property of the control.

Alternatively, when I look at my Java FX fxml file (Which is what Scene Builder modifies directly) and look at the code that defines those Text Fields, they look like this: Notice the on Key Typed="#check Key Pressed" portion of the Text Fields definition.

That is literally what binds the code to the Field.

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In the book must be used not mathematical "minus" symbol, but simply dash symbol, which is special character probably converted into it by one of the posh text editors such as "MS Word" or "Open Office". To avoid such a things, copy text first to a raw text format (I presume that you use one of those OS, so you can use the best known editors NOTEPAD for windows, Text Wrangler for Mac's) As you can see, I actually use the code to monitor two different Text Fields, one is when the user types in the IP address and the other is when they type in the port number (relevant for a database connection in my case).

The port number should never contain a dot, so I had to specify two different checks (via the char Check String).

If three digits appear, it must start either 0 or 1 # e.g ([0-9], [0-9][0-9],[0-1][0-9][0-9]) | # ..2[0-4]\d # start with 2, follow by 0-4 and end with any digit (2[0-4][0-9]) | # ..25[0-5] # start with 2, follow by 5 and ends with 0-5 (25[0-5]) ) # end of group #2 \.

“22.2222.22.2” – digit must between [0-255] IPAddress is valid : , true IPAddress is valid : , true IPAddress is valid : , true IPAddress is valid : , true IPAddress is valid : , true IPAddress is valid : , true IPAddress is valid : , true IPAddress is valid : , false IPAddress is valid : 10.10 , false IPAddress is valid : 10 , false IPAddress is valid : a.a.a.a , false IPAddress is valid : 10.0.0.a , false IPAddress is valid : .256 , false IPAddress is valid : , false IPAddress is valid : 9.20 , false IPAddress is valid : 22.22 , false IPAddress is valid : 22.2222.22.2 , false PASSED: Valid IPAddress Test([ String;@116471f) =============================================== com.mkyong.regex.

Java FX is just another way of making GUIs in Java (Swing being another way among others) ...

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