Least intimidating college football stadiums


UCLA's home stadium, also home to the most famous bowl games, the Rose Bowl is one of the most scenic places in sports.Home of the 2016 National Champions, Clemson Memorial Stadium features a few things you cannot see at any other stadium.

Known as Bronco Stadium for its first 44 seasons, it was renamed in May 2014 when Albertsons, a chain of grocery stores founded by Boise area resident Joe Albertson, purchased the naming rights.Saturdays in the South are special during the fall.Five of the 10 largest college football stadiums hail from the SEC.Many also cited the Power of the 12th Man and the belief that Aggie fans don’t just watch the game, they can also have an impact on the outcome.After a more than 60-year hiatus, UNC-Charlotte started playing football again in 2013 in the newly completed Jerry Richardson Stadium.Holding 107,601 seats, Michigan Stadium hosts MSU's main graduation ceremonies.

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