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We collect online dating news on this weblog to provide tips, advice and info for online dating.The e Dating blog also provide promos for online dating services. Online Dating News: Sage Advice for Senior Singles - Maureen Paton found herself back on the dating market after thirty years, and in her fifties.The Science of Dating - Two scientists recently did a speed dating study that shows that the more potential dates a dater has to choose from when choosing a mate, the worse their choice tends to be.Having too many choices overwhelms the brain's ability to make a good decision.Admittedly, the culture is definitely different than someone who has grown up in Midwest America, Japan, or any other culture.The family traditions, holidays, food preferences, music and even the way people dress is influenced by their history, ethnicity and upbringing.One thing you probably don't want to cut down on is looking for new potential dates or someone special to call your own.Read about Plenty of Fish in this article, and maybe you'll find a way to keep looking, without straining your budget.

Here are some excellent advice on how to check someone out online.The Trend of Meeting Singles Online - Surveys by, and a Harris Interactive poll show a steady increase in single people meeting each other through web dating sites.Because of the way technology has changed our society, it's become easier to meet singles online than by more traditional means.It may mean fewer dates, but they'll be better dates.Check out and see why honesty really is the best quality, and start having better and more fun dates!KOVR chose to do their summer news sweep on West Coast

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