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They’re generally in big cities on business, pleasure or education. If you go to the rural areas where it’s still common to find donkeys, smiling children and traditional carts – you will be stared at.

And not in the politically correct ‘British’ sly staring – but “full blown in your face coming up to you out of their homes, cars slowing down winding down the windows” type of staring.

( typical sunny day along the picturesque boulevards ) The number of students who choose to study at UBB and UMF Romanian universities are growing one year to another. I’d dare call it Europe’s most ‘African city feel’ city (if I can call it that).

They come from developed countries like Germany or France, but also from long distance countries so different from Romania and even of the European ones, like Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda, for example. However – to make sure I am not biased; i am well aware that it will not be everyone’s cup of tea.

I was still there and still here this summer and the climate together combined with the rather welcoming nature of the people reminds me of the days I was based in Arusha in Northern Tanzania.

It doesn’t have as many Africans as Athens but it’s very different to anything I have ever experienced before in other european cities.

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Of all these place I experienced one act of racism in Romania. | Strolling along the roads as the day draws near to an end – I am reminded of back home | There is a certain ‘African city’ feel to Bucharest.Now that may come as a surprise to the few who make their way to this post that I (as a black dude) am writing about Bucharest and Romania.One of my very best friends, Nicoleta, lived on the ground floor: her family put a big hole in the wall so they could bring their horse in.I remember sitting on the floor in the living room leaning against the sleeping horse, watching TV or playing backgammon.” From Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu, born in Ploiești, Romania at the tail end of the Cold War, his mother a Romanian and his father a Ghanaian engineering student.For me gypsy has always meant travelling, music and family.

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