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Dogs are a serious commitment too obviously, they need you know at least a couple of walks a day, they need a lot of time with you, but contrary to popular opinion cats really do require a lot more work, cats who are cooped up in such sub-optimal conditions, which they very likely are, most cats are, it’s pretty much the norm, they can become lethargic, they can overeat and they really don’t seem to live very happy lives.Dogs have evolved along with humans for many thousands of years and there are good reasons to believe that well cared for dogs are happy, they’re happy in our company.You may also recognize them from collaborations they’ve done with Team Four Star through voice work and videos from their gaming channel. plaintiffs asserted that Defendants lacked “authority” to foreclose under Virginia’s non-judicial foreclosure statutes.I hope you got something out of it, if you want to subscribe obviously subscribe and I will have a new video hopefully soon.Published on Apr 24, 2017 As much as I love Sniff, my 20-year-old tabby cat, I can’t pretend that cats make good pets. ———————- *References* Vegan on feeding cats meat Fatty Liver Disease in Cats The impact of free-ranging domestic cats on wildlife of the United States https:// Researchers track the secret lives of feral and free-roaming house cats https://news.illinois.edu/blog/view/6367/205315#image-3 DO CATS REALLY HATE PETTING?Cats are kind of toxic Cats are disease vectors this is particularly true of younger cat and cats who go outdoors but it can affect indoor cats as well based on lingering infection as a carrier or caught from pests entering the home cats can bring disease threats into your home and it can pose a problem could pose a risk to your other pets to you and to your family the most dangerous to people is one that cats commonly carry because it reproduces inside of them toxoplasmosis and toxoplasmosis is as a reliant on cats as malaria is on mosquitoes without cats it would be eradicated the acute form is usually only life-threatening to the very young to the unborn to people who are immunocompromised but even in a healthy adult the toxoplasmosis parasite may be harmful studies have found that infected individuals are at an increased risk for suicide attempts schizophrenia and poor cognitive performance the human suffering that cats cause in this case much like mosquitoes is hardly their fault but when you add it up with all of the other problems all of the other damage caused by cats it’s not exactly helping their case.Cat poop and cat litter are toxic waste thanks to the toxoplasmosis parasite which again is present in their fecal matter in places like California you are not allowed to flush cat feces studies are showing that toxoplasmosis a parasite found in cat feces have infected marine mammals and otters toxoplasmosis cannot be destroyed by sewage treatment and therefore escapes into our waterways where crabs and starfish will feed on it thus jeopardizing the health of other marine mammals who feed on the craft and starfish toxoplasmosis can cause brain damage and death in sea otters there’s nothing to do with cat poop except for burn it or bury it where it will then ferment into methane as we know a potent greenhouse gas see my video on food waste here where I discussed this issue with regard to kitchen waste and finally: #7.

My other two cats Mc Gurk and Finnegan they passed just last year unfortunately, but once he goes that will be the last cat that I will have.

Cats make lots of other cats Cats breed incredibly fast, cats can have as many as no line at kittens but on average it’s about four per litter and they can have a litter as soon as six months of age given a – male to female ratio that is tripling the female cat population every six months one pregnant kitty ready to give birth becomes three pregnant Kitty’s ready to give birth just six months later which becomes nine six months after that and then and then female cats pregnant ready to give birth at two years and the male cats on to that and you have a population of cats in just two years from one pregnant cat it is actually worse than that because six months is only the time it takes for a newborn kitten to be ready to give birth an adult cat can have kittens every four months the only things that just barely keep their populations in check our disease murder and starvation it cannot be stressed enough just how important it is to always spay and neuter your cats even if you think your cats will never get outdoors please spay and neuter your cats it is a moral obligation to do so if you don’t you run the risk of creating or cast cats in feral conditions that will suffer in those feral conditions and also people that will suffer those cats and their diseases in addition spaying and neutering can help to reduce the desire to roam that primal desire to Rome which can make your cats happier as indoor pets or at least less miserable the only thing more cruel than leaving a cat intact with a powerful sex drive and keeping it away from any mates would be to let the cat out doors to breed multiple generations of feral kittens who are doomed to suffer follow the Golden Rule here assuming you could never have sex you had no way to release any sexual frustration remember cats don’t even have porn would you rather have a stronger sex drive or a weaker sex drive in such a situation I would want to be spayed or neutered to reduce my suffering.

In conclusion If you must get a cat, adopt and please get a female, get her spayed, never let her outside and do your best to feed her vegan.

If you don’t happen to have a house that big, which obviously you probably don’t, what you can do is have like an outdoor, enclosed cat run, you could also have some cat runs inside, these constructions can effectively increase your cats play area, although it’s not clear by how much.

Taking your cat for walks on a leash and harness MAY be a good idea, but probably not for the average cat.

I haven’t ever since I was a little baby we’ve had at least one cat so it does make me very sad to think that sometime very likely in the near future given sniffs very, very old, a hinge I will no longer have a cat that’s very sad, but I just cannot reconcile all of the problems; the problems for the cat itself, for the environment, for the wildlife, for humans, I can’t reconcile that with the benefits.

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