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All the way down in the total silence of the car dad would whistle songs or sprout poetry.

Roy and an unknown friend (although I am of the belief this person was Gary Fleay) were spinning the pedals of the bicycle and get it up to revs before watching it spin and slow to a stop.He was able to pull the meat, skin and bone back into position and stitch it together. I resorted to odd means to placate my pain and loneliness. As I mentioned the nurses were rather busy and on this day more so than usual.I was busting to go tot he toilet but unable to get out of the bed to find the pan. The nurse and the matron were mortified that a child of three would wet their bed.Mum was a full time housekeeper and mother and my little brother was on the way. So there were now three full on, robust, adventurous sons that my mother had to contend with.Somehow, and it is beyond my comprehension even now, Roy had a bicycle turned upside down in Bess’s room at the back of the house.The story as told umpteen times is that it was a fixed wheel and as such when the pedals are turned the cog turns, the chain links are drawn through the sprockets and the wheel rotates.

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