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If the other person is turned off by this or embarrassed and doesn’t want to date you again, it’s probably for the better as you obviously have fairly different feelings about money.I don’t really get what the big deal about using a coupon is- do you guys do it in such a way that draws massive attention to yourselves?” or something kinda cheesy/cute like it would be ok. Reply I think a first date is all about making sure the other person is comfortable – that means you don’t take them to an over-the-top restaurant, you don’t whip out the coupon, you don’t debate religion or politics in an impassioned manner (unless that’s your thing).

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Moving along, I’m fairly frugal, and I HATE that I even think this, but in my early twenties my girlfriends and I definitely would have judged and laughed about a guy that whipped out a coupon on the first date.Personally, I’ve whipped out coupons on all sorts of first, second, and third dates – even at some very upscale restaurants here in Chicago!Ultimately, if your intentions are long-term, busting out a coupon for one of your first date ideas could very well be a building block for a long and prosperous relationship.If there’s no connection, by all means, take the discount!Or, if you sense that she is a frugal person (or at least not opposed to you being frugal), use it.Because I would think that he chose the place with the coupon in mind, not with me in mind.

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