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I have attended both brick and mortar and online schools and have several degrees. I’ve had eclectic learning experiences that incorporated university classes taken in different countries and the USA.Education (28) MBA (11) Master of Public Administration (M. A.) (2) MSN in Nursing (30) M Sc Ed: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (5) Masters of Public Health (4) MISM (4) MS, Nursing Education (2) Mental Health Counseling (19) Doctoral Programs: Psychology (53) Ph. The program is rigorous and intense, but with proficient study habits and time management skills a self-directed student can do well. My experience with Walden University’s FNP program was positive.If you're a traditional student and accustomed to being spoon fed in brick and mortar lectures or if you are a nurse practitioner student and are not able to network and use your own professional demeanor to acquire clinical sites, you're going to struggle. But if you are disciplined and can read and comprehend extensively and write critically using very strict APA format and scholarly resources, Walden is incredibly organized and well established in online learning.I have been impressed and my other two degrees are from top tier universities. There are some super smart people in the program with me and there have been many before us graduating with a high NP board pass rates first time out.There are three practicing NP’s in my town who all have graduated from Walden’s FNP program.

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