Who is leighton meester dating in real life 2016 Sex dating sites with instant message


After much thinking and talking to quite a few random guys as well as a few of my close male friends, who I consider to be insightful, I have come to a simple conclusion: the most common reason that a guy would want to cum on a girl’s face is exactly the same reason why he would want to do anything else sexual with any other part of her body – because he is turned on by it, and because he finds that part of her body to be sexually appealing.

Carter may have dated both Serena and Blair in Gossip Girl, but in real life, Stan only had eyes for his co-star Leighton Meester.

It's doubtful that many people would be able to resist Stan's charm, but what's his love life actually like? Sorry to burst your bubble, world — it looks like this guy might be taken.

If you believe the press, Stan's actually had a steady stream of girlfriends in recent years — and they all happen to be the women you love watching on television.

The couple began dating in the summer of 2012, but split almost one year later. it doesn't seem like we'll be seeing the Mad Hatter return to Storybrooke anytime soon, so no on-set awkwardness for these two.

It looks like Stan has found romantic bliss with this former Revenge star.

Agron and Stan began seeing one another in May of 2011, but split up in December of that same year, reportedly because their long distance romance became too challenging.

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