Who is rebecca hall dating


Rebecca – daughter of American opera singer Maria Ewing and British stage director and Royal Shakespeare Company founder Sir Peter Hall – and 50-year-old Sam are thought to have ended their romance earlier this year.

In July, she was seen out in public with Morgan for the first time.

Rebecca and Morgan played lovers on stage in the drama in 2013.

The two got to know each other in 2006 while working on her debut film, Starter For 10, of which Mr Mendes was executive producer.Magician David Blaine was also present there and did some magic tricks for guests. The daughter of legendary theatre director Sir Peter Hall started dating Sam Mendes when he was still married to Kate Winslet.Hall definitely seems to have a habit of getting closer to her colleagues as seen in both the cases.Well, her relationship with Mendes started when she met him on the set of his 2006 film Starter for 10.She was also questioned about being the"other woman" when Mendes who directed American Beauty, Skyfall split from Kate in 2010.The Titanic actress Kate was said to be unhappy about her husband being close with a younger actress.

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