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She has appeared as an expert on the BBC antiques program "Going for a Song." LTK: How did the Windsor get its name?

SS: The most likely reason is that from early times in the 18th century stick back chairs were being made in the Thames Valley area of England, and the town of Windsor was the distribution point from where they were transported to London and other counties. SS: It is a chair where the design construction is centered around the seat; the legs are jointed up into the underside of the seat, and the back of the chair and arms are jointed into the top.

As yew wood was relatively rare compared to the common ash, yew wood Windsor's were a status symbol. The ash and elm Windsors were made for those who could not afford yew wood. SS: There are no standard definitions of different styles, but a broad way of categorizing based on the style of the back is: Within these broad styles there are distinct variations in design depending on the region of England where the chair was made.

LTK: Are there differences in antique European and American Windsors?

I had the pleasure of sitting in the chair myself and it was every bit as comfortable to sit in, as it was to touch, and it was the most magnificent handsome chair to stand back and to look at.

Piles of pumpkins and gourds along with potted croton and mums give this cheery front porch, featured in HGTV Magazine, maximum curb appeal.

The woods used in the chair are not always correctly identified, sometimes the circa date is incorrect; sometimes repairs and restorations are not adequately described or even pointed out at all. The estimate was £10,000 - £15,000 (,417 - 21,625) but it sold for a hammer price of £26,000 (,484) plus the buyer's premium.

I knew the dealer who the chair originally belonged to, and the client who later bought it from him in 1999. SS: Polishing with traditional antique furniture wax polish keeps them in good condition by feeding the wood and helping to prevent it drying out.

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The wider availability of 19th century Windsor's makes them a practical option for a collector looking for a set of fine dining chairs.

There are three regular chairs and one captain's chair.

The cane is pressed (three of the four needs replacing). The wood on the upper back is very thin and it has a plaque of burled wood.

SS: A collector looking for a quality English Windsor chair would always aspire to one made from yew wood.

Those looking for single chairs might like to hunt for 18th Century examples, although they are extremely rare and consequently expensive.

Earlier chairs, and other styles of chairs, were constructed as a framework of right angle joints, with the seat dictated by the space created by this framework.

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