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I’ve become the servant and Christ remains the Master.Together we labor mightly in my vineyard grafting branches through trial and error in hopes of finding the combination that yields good fruit.The first challenge is finding viable dating options.It is well documented that active LDS midsingle women greatly outnumber our male counterparts.

But these friends totally make him feel comfortable.

has done little to produce good fruit (viable dating options).

Instead, I see a decaying vineyard that has left me feeling discouraged and depressed.

In response, I began to reconcile the possibility that I may never remarry and have children.

I leaned into the Father for comfort, Christ’s Atonement for healing, and the Spirit for guidance.

How does it relate to my lived experiences and that of my friends and family? There are three things I’ve always known in the deepest regions of my soul: (1) I’m an artist; (2) Jesus is the Christ; and (3) I’m a mother. The fact that I am not a mother is at the root of much of my suffering. Seeing my life represented in this way motivated me to reassess how I was viewing my love life, the actions I was currently taking and what I needed to change.

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