Dating scene for black women in nyc

It’s happy hour when we get there, so we both get light drinks (very light, since these discounted drinks were quite watered down).

But that's, of course, outside of being a blatant garbage human.I found it interesting to hear this coming from a guy (in my experience, men are often the overwhelming minority in a scene like this–leaving their options pretty abundant).I chatted a bit with them until a guy (to my estimation around his mid 50s or so) approached me.It was a strange non-interaction that was met with such coldness that subsequent approach felt discouraged.I lingered around a minute longer, and then just sorta faded to black as I walked back to where my friend was sitting, admittedly feeling dejected.Happy to finally talk to someone else, but disappointed that it was a balding, middle-aged man, I talked for approximately 12 minutes about old TV shows (I don’t remember how we got on that subject) before I got bored again and cut it short (while my prospects were looking more and more dim, I still felt the need to not be bound this person–who I wasn’t even interested in).

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