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And even Facebook’s map covers just a small fraction of the Web for now.But about 10,000 additional websites connect themselves to Facebook every day.If you’re browsing for something on Amazon, a box from Get Glue can pop up to tell you which of your friends have liked that item.

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This ambitious project gets much of its information from the simple “Like” button, a thumbs-up logo that adorns many Web pages and invites visitors to signal their appreciation for something—a news story, a recipe, a photo—with a click.This method of figuring out connections between pieces of content is fundamentally different from the one that has ruled for a decade.Google mathematically indexes the Web by scanning the hyperlinks between pages.Search sites could take your friends’ opinions into account when you look for restaurants.Newspaper sites could use their knowledge of what’s previously captured your attention online to display articles you are interested in.This is what lets Microsoft’s Bing search engine promote pages liked by a person’s friends.

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