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At Daddyhunt we welcome all mature men and body types, in an online community where you'll never feel compelled to lie about yourself or judged for your natural identity.

As an inclusive environment for gay men to meet for friendship, hot dating or long term relationships, we strive to provide every new visitor with the welcoming positive feelings you deserve.

There is nothing wrong with a guy who prefers his men chunky, just like there’s nothing wrong with a guy who likes skinny men, tall men or older men. Hmmm, interesting how defending guys who like chubby men sounds a lot like defending gay people in general ;) Take a note, mainstream gays! But seriously, liking thick, chunky or just plain fat men is a taste—just as being sexually attracted to twinky or muscle guys is a taste. If you don’t like big men and aren’t a big man yourself, then this site isn’t for you. Chasabl is a new concept for gay micro-communities—a hybrid social media and dating/personals site.

If you do think chubby guys are sexy or you yourself are a man of the bigger variety, then please make yourself at home! We’re just putting that out there ;) That’s assuming that someone can’t love both! We know some are laser focused on finding a partner or husband they can grow old with. That means you’ll see lots of features you’re used to seeing on a social network like Facebook or Twitter (such as status updates, newsfeeds and following/follower relationships), but you’ll also see many features you might normally see on a dating/personals site (such as profiles with detailed information about your relationship and sexual interests, an easily searchable database and the ability to filter your network by your type).

If you're skinny, chubby, large, muscled, smooth, hairy, eighteen or an older man, it doesn't matter because the Daddy Hunt community celebrates the full spectrum of gay men who use our free gay dating site services. Reaching out first is not always in my comfort zone but if I do, you've really caught my eye. If you're not, and don't reply, I won't take it personally.

Unlike many other sites that promise free gay dating, Daddy Hunt provides you with all the tools you need to communicate effectively with anyone as soon as you register and you'll never need to purchase a premium membership to see all the dating profiles of real gay men looking for love in your local area right now! Read More Nerdy, chubby dude just kind of looking for whatever. I don't think people should be forced into awkward conversation due to some ideal of politeness.

Try it today absolutely free and find the curvy gay man you are seeking for tonight or forever! Only absolute limitations are: legally able to buy me a drink (21 ); not married or partnered; not dead; not into anything extreme. I am tall fuuny,sexy,handsome or so I have been told,and full of passion. I enjoy movies old and new,any live performance, high brow and low. I am a native San Franciscian and still fall in love with this beautiful City over and ... Glenn is 53 and Kip is 48...looking for friendship and fun, we like to do several different, movies, PS3 & video games/Netflix/AMC/Bravo/Food network/DIY/HGTV...anything you would like to know just ask.....(we only play safe!! Read More Geelong/Melbourne Visitor can travel/cruize visitor... S; please msg me if interested i c DH has restricted non members viewing visits New: Do not let Undectectable scare. ZERO risk of transmission if an Undectectable person is on meds. I'm a clinical psychologist, I live in San Diego, CA and work at a local state men's correctional facility.

I love to kiss and be romantic and really make the person I am with feel special. I am a very positive, assertive man and I have a nice home here that I share with my two girls, Mallory and Lilly (dogs). I'm trying to find that special guy who I can talk with.

Funny how that sounds like what most straight people said about gay people not too long ago! No, they wouldn’t be happier dating someone they aren’t attracted to.

Chubs come in all shapes and sizes, from guys who are just a little thick to husky to fat to morbidly obese men—who are sometimes called superchubs.

There’s no one “right” type of chub and for every kind of chub there are literally thousands of men who think that type is the hottest thing ever.

Whenever a chubby guy is also a chaser, he’s typically called a chub for chub (or chub4chub in internet speak).

Not every chaser likes the same kind of guy—some prefer smooth chubs, some prefer older chubs, etc.—but they are united in their desire to date, have sex with and marry fat men.

Maybe, he will read this and have something interesting to say to me.

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