Dating in the dark stupid

Lorelai surprisingly proposes to Luke, and he quickly accepts.However, their relationship becomes more and more strained as Luke pushes away his commitment to Lorelai to deal with the confusion caused due to his daughter, April, who appears in his life as a 12-year-old.

When Luke says no, that they're just friends; Emily replies, "You're both idiots." While happy to see her, he is apprehensive about what this reappearance means, as Rachel is a world-travelling professional photographer who Luke previously knew to have an adventurous heart and left him without a word.Luke begins dating one of Taylor Doose's lawyers, Nicole Leahy, eventually marrying her while on a cruise.This marriage turns out to be a mistake and they divorce when Luke discovers Nicole is seeing another man.The focal point of much of Luke's storyline is his long-term love interest, Lorelai Gilmore.Since Lorelai doesn't cook, Luke feeds Lorelai and Rory.The inclusion of April in his life causes much confusion for Luke who is unsure of how to combine his relationship with Lorelai with his blossoming relationship with his daughter.

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