Updating passport with new name

Those applying for the name change using form DS 11 must present the application package in person at an official application acceptance facility.These are typically located at post offices, courthouses and public libraries.As with all passport forms, it’s available on the State Department’s passport website.In these instances, an applicant must submit the form, a valid passport, the marriage certificate, a passport photo and an adult renewal application fee.The government offers expedited processing for an additional fee if the passport is needed in two to three weeks, or for emergency travel.

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Did you just get married or perhaps you have been divorced?You don’t need a countersignature if you’re changing your name or adding a title.Unexpired visas in your old passport may become invalid if you change your name.If it doesn’t, change the details on your non-British passport before you apply for a new British passport. An applicant must complete form DS 5504 found on the U. A passport name change when an individual's current passport was issued more than one year ago starts by completing form DS 82. A married individual seeking to change a name on a passport must jump through a few U. An individual with a passport issued less than one year earlier who wishes to have a married name on a passport will be happy to know Uncle Sam doesn’t charge a dime for the change. The form may be completed online and submitted by mail or in person along with the original passport, the marriage certificate (copies not accepted) and a passport photo. Unless expedited service is requested, there’s no fee for the name change.

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