Whitney houston dating history zodiac sign dating


Robyn traveled with Whitney and was her day-to-day point person.

Though Robyn was Whitney's best friend and go-to individual, it has been said that she and Bobby did not have a positive relationship.

He also starred in films such as A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, and Two Can Play That Game.

In 1982, they became a quintet when their manager Brooke Payne insisted on bringing in his nephew Ronnie De Voe, to complete the group.This is the year that things began to become openly difficult for Whitney, as her health struggled and her addiction to drugs became a focus in the media.Just one day after Whitney's death in 2012, Esquire magazine posted an article penned by Robyn taking a look back on the singer's legendary life.However, Rackley left the group early and good friend Ralph Tresvant joined the group at the suggestion of Bell who sang with Tresvant as a duo.Brown was also familiar with Tresvant since they were kids.Brown had a string of top ten hits on various Billboard charts between 19.

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