Updating jailbroken ipod


However, as the Apple community is upgrading its i OS system it may become almost impossible to jailbreak your gadget.

Apple is underway in designing a rootless security system that will deny user from performing malware activities thus preventing jailbreak of i OS device.

You can either extract all files or just of your choice.

When the file selection is complete, click on “Export to Mac” button to make the process complete.

On your computer open i Tunes and and click on your i OS device that will appear at the top left. From the click the option key to get the "Check for Update" option. When it has upgraded your device will restart and it will start with Hello in the home screen.

Continue by clicking Slide to Setup and follow the instructions given.

Ideally if your device is running i OS 8 then it can upgrade to i OS 9. Backup to i Cloud As mentioned earlier to be able to back your files you to i Cloud ensure you are connected to a wireless network. After it backed up either to i Tunes or i Cloud you can now kick start the process of upgrading from i OS 8 to ultimate i OS 9. Upgrading a jailbroken device is easy provided you have done a back up of data on i Tunes or i Cloud.

This program supports many types of files ranging from media, messages, calendar, contacts and much more.So how will you back your precious photos and music? For i Cloud you should be connected to the Internet to successfully achieve this. Backup to i Tunes First and foremost ensure that you have a computer that has i Tunes, a USB cable and your i Phone device that you want to upgrade. Link your i Device such as i Phone, i Pod or i Pad to your computer using a USB cable. Click on "Summary" icon and navigate the cursor to Backups. Another thing to put in consideration is getting the latest version of i Tunes on Mac and USB cable.Go to i Tunes on your computer and click on your device at the tab bar. With that in mind follow these simple instructions. Connect your i Device to Mac Use a USB to connect the two devices, for instance i Phone to Mac. ispw file folder that will lead to installation of i OS 9. In the next command that will pop up that you device will upgrade click on "OK" to proceed. Set up the Upgraded i OS Click on slide to upgrade, which will in turn let your device upgrade to, hyped i OS 9.The steps followed when using i Skysoft Toolbox - i OS Data Backup & Restore to back up files from jailbroken i Phone is outlined as follows: Step 3: The scanning process will begin and when it is done, the results are displayed in the preview window.In order to make navigation through files easier, they are organized based on file types.This security system known as Rootless; is purposefully designed to protect your data from being damaged by malicious person.

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