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It lets you work with data from XML documents using your own class structures.

The Ji BX framework handles all the details of converting your data to and from XML based on your instructions.

It only provides a limited functionality: no mixed content and the DTD is ignored.

It is also the world's fastest XML processor: On an Athlon64 3400 PC, VTD-XML significantly (1.5x~2x) outperforms SAX parsers with NULL content handler, delivering 50~60 MB/sec sustained throughput, without sacrificing random access.

Its memory usage is typically between 1.3x~1.5x the size of the XML document, with 1 being the XML itself.

Several Fortune 500 customers have adopted XMLBeans based on speed alone.

VTD-XML is the next generation XML parser that goes beyond DOM and SAX in terms of performance, memory and ease of use.

Neko Pull is an XML document parsing API that extends the Xerces Native Interface (XNI) to provide pull parsing functionality.

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