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in September, gossip about his sexual orientation has gone into overdrive.

Kenneth in the 212 reports Muir is allegedly “openly gay in his day-to-day life.” Another juicy rumor claims that he and field reporter Gio Benitez are an item. Eagle-eyed viewers claim that Gio usually files his reports to Diane Sawyer from the field.

Many historians debate whether the Comanche deserve their ferocious reputation, indicating that they were only fighting for retrieval of the land they felt was theirs.

Continuing to protect their territory, the formidable Comanche aggressively attacked the many settlers passing through on their way to the California Gold Rush.

During the 1800’s they began to steal cattle from Texas settlers and reselling them in New Mexico.

During this period they fought not only the Mexicans and white settlers but also many of the other plains Indians.

Those they stole from often found it simpler and safer to buy back the stolen commodities rather than fight for them.Dating back to the early 1500’s, the Comanche were originally part of the Eastern Shoshone who lived near the upper reaches of the Platte River in eastern Wyoming.However, when the Europeans entered the scene and the tribe obtained horses, they broke off from the Shoshone with an estimated 10,000 members.There are two accounts of its origin, the most accepted being a Spanish corruption of a name the Ute called them — Kohmahts, meaning “those who are against us.” The second account is that it was a derivative of the Spanish word meaning “wide trail.” They were also called Paducah by early French and American explorers, but the preferred name of the tribe has always been Numunuh, meaning “The People.” The Comanche a Uto-Aztecan language, which is almost identical to the Shoshone from which they originated.The horse was a key element in Comanche culture, who are thought to have been the first of the Plains Indians to have horses.Some were killed, but most often their horses and cattle were stolen.

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