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They dismiss the hundreds of millions of years required for evolution because … One of the creationists’ lesser-known difficulties is their Starlight problem, which asks this question: If the universe were only around 6,000 years old, then how is it possible that we see light coming from stars and galaxies that are millions of light-years away from us?That was where we first discussed a supernova with the catalog number SN1987A (so numbered because it was the first supernova discovered in 1987).The Death of Andrew Breitbart The Media's "Brokered Convention" Hypocriscy Why Has Sarah Palin Not Been Suspended By Fox News?My Response to Being Attacked by Dana Loesch Why Obama Is Now A Heavy Favorite Why CPAC is a Fraud Does Sarah Palin Want President Obama Re-elected? Newt Cant "Endorses" Newt Gingrich in Hilarious Fashion The Myth of "Newt the Great Debater" The Six Dirty Secrets of Presidential Politics in 2012 Romney is By Far the Most Electable Republican Running John Ziegler Discusses His Newt Gingrich Web Site With Glenn Beck John Ziegler Launches the Definitive Web Site about Newt Gingrich Penn State vs.They wave away all of geology, claiming that everything is a consequence of the Flood.They wave away radiometric dating techniques, claiming that the decay rate of isotopes used to be different.Your humble Curmudgeon is obviously missing something, but we’ve never been bothered by any of that. Because at one time, when the universe was very small, everything was essentially in contact, or nearly so, and a thermal equilibrium could have existed.There’s no need for what are now distant regions of the universe to be exchanging heat instantaneously.

The cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB), which fills the universe, is almost precisely the same temperature everywhere in the sky, about 2.728 /- 0.004 K.Some regions of the early universe were allegedly much hotter than others.The hot spots would emit light, thus carrying some of their heat to the cold spots.Here are some excerpts from his creation science article, with bold font added by us: Since the most distant galaxies are so far away, secular astronomers, who assume that light travels at the same speed in all directions (see below), argue that the cosmos must be billions of years old in order for the most distant light to reach us.However, a stunning characteristic of something called cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) throws a wrench into that idea by introducing the Only the most mindless simpleton would read a creationist’s description of anything in science in order to learn about it.Before scoffers accuse creation researchers of forcing data into a biblical history, they should understand that Big Bang scientists do just that — they look for ways to accommodate the CMB and a host of other observations into their billion-year history.

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