Examples of workplace dating policies


Encourage employees to disclose relationships of this nature and then have them report to other managers to avoid claims of favoritism or discrimination.

Evaluate the structure of your business, and identify areas of higher risks, in the event of a romantic relationship. Examples may be found on the Internet, from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, in HR books, or you may even want to request copies of policies from other companies with whom you have contact.

After consultation with key constituencies, work will be underway to update, consolidate, and improve our policies to better serve you.

As part of this effort, policies which are no longer in use have been removed from the list below.

Telemarketing without a script is like driving without brakes.

If you’re determined to take phone sales into your hands, keep these tips in mind: Use a one-page Think back to when you launched your business.

Employees usually work 12-hour days and often socialize together outside of the office.

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The company should also have a policy regarding sexual harassment.

By fostering fair and open communication with employees, you can identify and handle any issues of sexual harassment and enhance the level of trust in the workplace.

REAL-LIFE EXAMPLE [top] With 100 employees and an office atmosphere built on teamwork, trust and honesty, Supertracks is reluctant to do anything that could destroy the workplace culture, said human resources director Kirsten Olson.

Many variables constitute the legal charge and while not every inappropriate behavior or gesture is intended as sexual harassment, the perception or ramification of the action could technically fit the claim.

Sexual harassment can destroy the cohesiveness of a team and lower employee morale.

Both employees and managers received training about what sexual harassment is and what to do if it occurs, Olson said, adding that it’s important for the employees to know that they are protected and that managers are receptive to their concerns.

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