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For daters, such puzzles captivate the imagination in engrossing stories about chemistry, mystery, and true love.“If you love a tale of passion, or if you’re yearning to go weak in the knees, you’ll love our romance games,” reads the site.According to their Facebook page, “Big Fish is the world’s largest producer and distributor of casual games.” Every month, the site sees more than 5 million views from fun-loving gamers hankering for a satisfying escape from everyday life.Big Fish Games comes out with new games every month; some prove a romantic mystery to solve, like Delicious: Emily’s True Love, and others outline matchmaking strategies, like Matchmaker: Joining Hearts.When she arrived home after the funeral of her second husband, Mary found a package of 30-year-old love letters waiting for her.

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In a series of ad spots, for instance, developers Lars and Neville got up to some amusing shenanigans to showcase the company’s products in a joyful, personality-infused way.The Short Version: Some people crave excitement and romance beyond their own humdrum reality, and, for those imaginative adventure-seekers, Big Fish Games supplies thousands of desktop and mobile games.Their catalog of dating-related games, in particular, draw players into heart-pounding love stories and offer insight into the dating world in a controlled environment.The mysterious letters, marked “return to sender,” tell of the abiding love in his heart as he wrote from the battlefield and a POW camp.As she reads the letters one after another, Mary remembers their whirlwind love story — from meeting as teenagers at the basketball gym to their years of separation as he fought his way back to her.An evil curse, a vengeful witch, a magical rose that can restore all to rights — sound intriguing?

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