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She said that "with God by my side," she can handle anything "with dignity and grace.""Tripp, this new baby, and I will all be fine, because God is merciful," she said.Bristol, 24, who has become a TV personality via her family's reality show and by becoming a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, had been due to marry U. Marine and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer on May 23.DAUGHTER OF FORMER VP CANDIDATE TO HAVE SECOND CHILD OUT OF WEDLOCK "I urge you to go beyond what is spoon fed to you and see what is truly going on out there," said the 27-year-old, 2011 recipient of the U. is an American public speaker and reality television personality.Use a gender-neutral user name on websites and do not share personal information.While firearms are commonly used by abusive partners to exert power and control, we know that each case is unique and warrants its own specific safety plan.There is no love lost between Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, who welcomed son Tripp in 2008.The two have gone their separate ways -- with Palin "smitten" with her new snowmobiler beau and Johnston marrying his baby mama.

Sarah Palin had been selected as John Mc Cain's running mate when news emerged that Bristol, then 17 and unmarried, was pregnant and planned to keep the baby she later named Tripp.

“Because, I don't know, I just don't think I'm that kind of character." Johnston and Palin were engaged before she gave birth to Tripp, but broke things off in 2009. The couple welcomed daughter Breeze Beretta, named after the firearm, in September.

The two rekindled their romance in 2010, but split just three weeks later. He married girlfriend Sunny Oglesby in Alaska on Oct.

She was named "Bristol" after the Bristol Inn where her mother Sarah was employed; Bristol, Connecticut, the headquarters city of ESPN, where her mother Sarah hoped to work as a sportscaster; and the Bristol Bay area of Alaska, where her father Todd grew up.

During 2008, she briefly lived in Anchorage with her aunt and uncle where she attended West Anchorage High School.

Seven years after her first unwed pregnancy caused some problems for her mother Sarah Palin's Republican vice-presidential campaign in 2008, Bristol announced via her blog that she's expecting again.

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