Dreaming about dating a celebrity

If you think of the person in a particular role or scene, this will probably be the major clue to what they represent – such as the lover who leaves – the father who sacrifices, etc.

See Characters and People in Dreams Famous people can be seen as social guinea pigs.

Millions then identify with the image they portray of how to deal with reality at its best and worst.

The famous person in our dream might therefore represent our coping mechanism.

With a little effort you can do this by practising what is described in – Person or Tony Grace – I see the tsunami as a sign if great hormonal stimulus.

It is something that happens to males as well as females, but females express it more by telling about crushes.

Your desire ambitions and efforts to become successful.

Because the person you are dreaming about represent qualities in you, the person may, because of their life or role, represent a particular quality such as courage, love, ‘ruling’ drives in life, authority, etc.

What was I feeling or doing in relation to the famous person? Also I need to take time to update the site – dreamhawk.

Meh.” There’s this one relatively small You Tuber who goes by The Swedish Lad who tends to pop up in my dreams a lot.

Whenever he’s in one of my dreams, some sort of storm, flood, or tsunami is a major event in the dream.

I feel that they are important because they are signposts to our way ahead – Debbie started live in extreme poverty and was an example in adulthood for women.

I found her a young woman who was very feminine but not jumping into bed with every man, who lived a healthy life, and gave me an ideal. 1st was i was doing or for the opening of a company and kian egan from westlife showed up (we were friends, in this dream) and kissed me softly and gently on the lips and i could see every feature and freckle on his face. 2nd was i was at a very intimate shane filan gig (as in there where only a few people there) with family and friends.

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