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"We did try to buy the name, but Cilla and Artie didn’t want anyone else taking on the name," Macleod explained.Name change apart, parents who have grown up with the Singing Kettle themselves will find much that is familiar in Funbox, not least those Scottish songs of childhood like Ye Canna Shove Yer Granny or Bring Back My Bonnie."We wanted to build on the same base, which is singing traditional songs that you don’t hear any more," Macleod said.“I touch as much wood as I possibly can as I’m saying this – it’s been going really well,” Anya said. But somehow everything seems to be working itself out.” ‘Working itself out’ is an understatement. “We’re quite lucky that we get to invest so much time into something that we love and get paid for it.“Yeah, it’s been a huge learning curve and there has been difficult moments as always with a business, but it’s gone really really well and we’re having the time of our lives as well performing! Since the group’s first performance – helped along by a successful £20,000 crowdfunder that brought in more than half its target in its first 24 hours, Funbox have quickly risen from nowhere. When you love your job that much, nothing’s an issue – you just throw yourself into it headfirst.But yeah, it’s good to have our own baby.” Their latest baby – 2017 show Funbox’s Underwater Adventure – comes to Eden Court this weekend as it continues its tour around the country. You get your theme then you get your title – and then there’s apparently a story in there somewhere!

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