Dating someone hiv positive

Two decades ago, virtually no one there was HIV-positive.

By 1992 an estimated 20 percent of sexually active adults were infected.

By 1995 that proportion had reached one-third, and today it is roughly 40 percent.

In , Botswana’s second largest city, nearly half of all pregnant women in the main hospital test positive for HIV.

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He pointed to the cultural desire for many children, the tradition of polygamy, and other aspects of African society that contributed to a greater tolerance of promiscuous behavior than in the West.An added difficulty was that Morris would be asking Ugandans to answer intimate questions about their sexual behavior.So she replaced the impersonal language of standard questionnaires with a structured conversation.The high rates come despite efforts in many communities to stem the HIV epidemic through educational programs, condom distribution, and treatment for such sexually transmitted diseases as gonorrhea and syphilis, which create genital sores and ulcers that make it easier for the virus to spread.In most cases these programs have had little effect.HIV infection rates range from around 6 percent in Uganda to 39 percent in Swaziland.

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