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You cannot take anything personal, as people test you with prices.Diaspora populations often perform essential functions in the economic and human capital development of their countries of origin, and can continue playing a strong role in shaping these countries long after they or their forebears departed.The Rockefeller Foundation and the Aspen Institute have launched the Rockefeller Foundation-Aspen Institute Diaspora Program (RAD), a joint venture to better understand diaspora members’ financial and human capital investments and to design an approach to foster further growth in these areas.The Migration Policy Institute has partnered with RAD to produce profiles of 15 diaspora communities in the United States, which is home to nearly 60 million first- or second-generation immigrants.This population's high educational attainment and income inequality sets it apart from the U. Download Profile The Indian Diaspora in the United States An estimated 2.6 million Indian immigrants and their children live in the United States, and the India-born population is the third-largest immigrant population in the United States. The high levels of academic achievement and economic patterns set Indian diaspora members far above U. national averages and most other RAD populations profiled. Welcome to the non political, non religious, (meaning we have no particular alliance with any political or religious group) fun loving, SOCIAL network that is Dominican Diaspora for people from the Commonwealth Of Dominica, also known as The Nature Island.

While the Ethiopian diaspora population has similar educational attainment as the U. population overall and is more likely to be in the labor force, diaspora members' average household income is substantially lower.Five longer profiles, focusing on Colombia, Egypt, India, Kenya, and the Philippines, also detail historical immigration pathways and contemporary entry trends, poverty status, active diaspora organizations, and country-of-origin policies and institutions related to interaction with emigrants and their descendants abroad. The Bangladeshi diaspora population is better educated than the general U. population and has a higher household income level.The Bangladeshi Diaspora in the United States Roughly 277,000 Bangladeshi immigrants and their children live in the United States, a majority of whom have become U. Download Profile The Salvadoran Diaspora in the United States Approximately 2.1 million Salvadoran immigrants and their children reside in the United States.El Salvador is the largest source of immigration to the United States from Central America and Salvadorans make up the second largest unauthorized immigrant population in the United States.Among the 15 groups analyzed here, Salvadorans have the lowest levels of educational attainment besides Mexicans.Download Profile The Moroccan Diaspora in the United States There are roughly 84,000 Moroccan immigrants and their children living in the United States.

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