Ueno juri dating


[ 199, -18] TOP's representative song: I'm the king, I'm the king, TOP, I'm the king syrup 6. [ 127, -7] What great casting if they landed Ueno Juri for a web drama ㅋ She'll look great~ 9.

Love him after watching Nodame Cantabile this week, although I downloaded it months ago! : D I AM A PAKISTANI GIRL AND CANT UNDERSTAND JAPANESE.

So handsome & charismatic yet unbelievably also great at his craft, acting while conducting & playing the piano & violin. More success to you in the future, Tamaki-san, I'm obsessed with him now, just can't get enough of his handsomeness. He is a multi talented actor yet can sing better..i love him as chiaki senpai in nodame cantabile so funny when juri and him are together even i always dreaming that they will be together in a real life.cute..mukya i love tamaki so bad!! it was great but he looks too thin he should gain more weight i think.

They make the couple Nakaji and Haru seem to be born for each other, like a destiny. hope 2 meet u someday ,, luv hiroshi tamaki 4eva !! =) Tamaki is the best actor to portray Chiaki in Nodame Cantabile. :) Since watching nodame, I now listen to classical music especially Beethoven. i can't wait 4 nodame cantabile movies ,, hope it's good (as the drama does.) !! I try to watch more movies and series that he acted and found that he can change himself to be every person in those Hope next series he will have a good hair style smart and cute like in Nodame. he acts very well......................................i hope to see you soon in japan tamaki-san...... i like him most especially in nodame cantabile............................................. I remember you from Orange Days as a best-friend character, but now that I watched you in Last Friends (Yeah, I know super late!!! On Wednesday night, he was found hanged in a room in his own home, in what appears to be a suicide.

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