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The most cost-effective premium packages offer all-you-can-scan plans, with unlimited device installations across multiple platforms.

All eight products below include parental controls and password managers, and give users online accounts to remotely manage antivirus software on all of their devices.

Microsoft, I’m told, fabricated the story about Intel being at fault.

“Feedback like this [from Consumer Reports] stings, but pushes us to obsess more about our customers.” Panay says that Microsoft will continue to “engage” with Consumer Reports and try to both learn from their survey and testing to improve things for customers and “reverse their findings.” There are a number of interesting aspects to this memo.(With the understanding that there is less correlation, I believe, between product reliability and customer satisfaction with premium products.) And five, that Microsoft is determined to tell its story and to reassure its customers that it is serious about providing an excellent and high-quality experience to all Surface customers.Put simply, Microsoft Surface has had some reliability issues.He says that the rate of Surface “incidents per unit” (IPU) is “extremely low,” or less than 1 percent.This is across the Surface product portfolio, and inclusive of customer service calls.(Surface Pro 4 was roughly the same, at about 16 percent.) Finally, Panay notes that several blogs have come to Microsoft’s defense despite the fact that there was, at that time, no real evidence suggesting that Consumer Reports wasn’t correct.

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