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My high school years were spent in AP classes, theater, and choir.I was extremely lucky to be surrounded by so many awesome and talented friends.I remind them that if they are ever feeling stressed, watching the glitter fall helps to calm and allows you to think more clearly.We end our program with a red carpet style photo shoot in front of our Girls Above Society Backdrop!My Story My story is exciting in so many ways and I’m thrilled to share it with you in hopes that you will be inspired to make a difference too.Growing up in the theater from the age of 5 I spent countless hours watching my Mom direct musicals for youth community theaters.I always wondered how someone could feel so bad about themselves and what I wondered even more was why they let others define who they were.

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After the discussion we make a really beautiful “glitter jar” they personally decorate.

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This organization houses 88 school age children on a magnificent facility in Waller, Texas.

Most of the children housed at Boys and Girls Country are there due to the fact their parents are incarcerated or are unable to take care of them.

I feel so special to touch their lives and give them hope and inspire them to have self confidence to be great leaders in their community one day.

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