Sdn dating in medical school

Now, there's nothing inherent in the study of medicine itself that makes relationships more difficult; you'll find nothing in your human anatomy or pharmacology textbooks that challenges a healthy, satisfying relationship.(In fact, practicing Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy might make your relationship a better one!

We're not far along yet where I have any specific predictions on how we'll face those challenges, but I know that as long as I give a little on my priorities while he steps back a little on his.... When I want to get away from talking about median eminances and glycolysis, there is always someone else I can talk to.

The end result: I don't feel pressured to give him attention every day, but we still have a few days every month that we can devote to "date night".

After one full year, our worst fears have been alleviated.

I was better able to relax while at home because I had the opportunity to talk about things other than medicine.

That said, if you are in a relationship with another medical professional, the importance of compromise can not be stressed enough.

Without a healthy stubborn streak mixed in with a dash of ambition, medical students wouldn't be where they are today.

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