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But the thieves had already made their escape from the museum, known as the Palazzo Ducale and one of Venice’s top tourist destinations on the edge of St. Venice police chief Vito Gagliardi told the ANSA news agency the thieves managed to delay the triggering of the alarm system, allowing them to escape.This file photo taken on May 23, 2015 of a general view taken from the top shows the Doge’s Palace near St Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) in the city of Venice on May 23, 2015."I have scanned a picture of of two friends clowning around by the Seine on the Quatorze de Juillet (14th of July).Andre, on the right, is wearing and holding the red Phrygian cap with the tricolor badge. Picture this cap in profile and you have the MB mark.

I never saw any of their jewellery marked GEMCRAFT in full.may have been the owners, and if so, the company was named after Joes children Margo and Hans. (per Debbie Fuhrer, their niece) (see Har in Morning Glory Collects) HOLLYWOOD Jewelers 1936-1988 Joseph Chorbajian 1936-1978 Jack Hazard 1938-9 to 1958 Archie Chorbajian 1938-9 to 1958 Remained Hollywood Jewelry Trade mark under HOLLYCRAFT 1948-58 ( ?) (information courtesy of Joyce Chorbajian)LEO GLASS 1928-1957 377 Fifth Ave, New York, NY GLASS with both a manufacturer and an importer of jewelry.Forbes magazine has said “there is no comparable collection on the planet.”The Venice exhibit, “Treasures of the Mughals and the Maharajas,” was due to close Wednesday, the latest stop in a travelling exhibit that has brought the collection to Paris’ Grand Palais, London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, New York’s Metropolitan and the Miho Museum near Kyoto, Japan.A spokesman for the collection, John Maxse, said it was in contact with Italian authorities and Venice’s Foundation of Civic Museums, which runs the Doge’s Palace.GINGER MORO is the author of the magnificent book, "European Designer Jewelry".

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