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Some cams can provide an extra measure of security if a stranger approaches you when you’re parked and alone in a lot or stopped at an intersection.Surround-view dash-cam models can get a shot of creepy interlopers no matter what direction they approach from.Some pricier models that can record a 360-degree perspective, have an impact sensor, and are able to notify the owner if there is any impingement to the car are best suited to this task.Once the gyro-enabled impact sensor is triggered, the camera creates a separate “incident” file that saves video from just prior to the impact and for an additional 1 to 5 minutes after—footage that could be essential to a police investigation if a car is broken into or struck while it’s parked.Recording inside the car is another matter: Drivers with dash cams that have the ability to record audio inside the car need to know that in many states it’s illegal to record conversations without informing all parties first.

Cameras can provide an impartial witness in disputes about racial profiling because, as Lieutenant Murgo tells us, “Emotions are captured.Be sure to check local laws before committing to a purchase.) “But we’re also seeing growth in sales of products that integrate dash cameras into portable navigation units and rearview mirrors that can also serve as displays for rear cameras.” Crutchfield customers pay an average of 0 for a dash cam, Mathews says.Recording pictures or video in public is a right protected by the First Amendment, so it’s generally legal to use a dash cam to record whatever is outside the car on public roads, as long as you don’t violate any laws or interfere with a traffic, police, or rescue operation.“I realized that if I’d been the one who was hit, I’d have had no evidence to give to my insurance or to the police. I know that if someone hits me, I can prove it to an insurance company.” Insurers don’t currently offer discounts on premiums for dash-cam owners, but they will review dash-cam footage of an accident, just as they accept photos snapped on the scene with a cell phone.Dash-cam footage is more reliable than witness accounts and can be extremely useful to the insurance company in determining liability.Cameras don’t see the color of one’s skin.”It’s legal to use a dash cam to document interactions with police during a traffic stop, but we recommend that you notify any members of law enforcement that they are being recorded, just as you should notify occupants of your car.

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