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Back in May, I decided that I would intentionally not date until Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. That sticky wicket that I know you can relate to is love. As I write this now I’ve been single for over six months. Kevin and Torrei divorced in 2011, and although it was messy at first ... You might have recognized Kevin Hart from his funny comedies and abundant personality. However, things like failed romantic relationships and weddings are far from being skeletons in Hollywood. In 2003, he was married to Torrei Hart a successful actress, comedienne and television personality.Kevin is currently in a relationship with model and actress Eniko Parrish. Hart revealed in August 2015 his plans to have an official wedding on August 8, 2016.However, the Hollywood star did not reveal any more details about the wedding saying that all that is left of planning will be handled by his wife-to-be.Eniko and Torrei even took to twitter to rant at each other, before the man at the center of it all made an attempt to calm things down.

But some of them hesitate to tell and have no much daring to face the society and some people like Hannah Hart get open on their sexuality. If you seek answers to these, then you are in the right place.Kevin requested for joint custody of his kids which was granted.He may even be your favorite comedian but how much information do you have on his social life? The marriage brought two adorable children before irreconcilable differences led to their divorce in 2010. Once you cross the bridge to become a celebrity, you must expect your life to be on the spotlight and every little thing in your life can soon become the talk of town and in cases where the skeletons in your closet are revealed, it can even lead to the ruin of your career.Kevin Hart's ex-wife, Torrei, has rebounded with a new man. We're told they've been together for 2 months, and clicked after meeting on the set of "Turnt." Torrei co-starred and co-produced the flick, while Jamal co-stars and is the executive producer.

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