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It allowed her to finally release her fourth album, “I Got Your Country Right Here,” with its top single, “Work Hard, Play Harder.” (Two months earlier, Columbia Nashville had finished off its contract obligation by releasing her first greatest hits album.)What followed in 2013 was a year that surely brought joy to any faithful Wilson follower.

In April she released her sixth album, “Right On Time,” and quickly followed with an album of rock classics, “Under the Covers” (fans love her interpretation of Heart) along with her first album of holiday songs, “Christmas in My Heart,” which includes the hippopotamus song.

The song that that woman in particular would write if she were to write a song. It’s not one person’s fight, or even Brandy’s explicit want, most likely, to challenge the notions that country music can include LGBT people that are listening to the genre.

It took me to a great place, for me, because I never tire of that perspective.”A noble cause, Ms. (Because we are.) But in one of America’s truest, oldest areas of storytelling entertainment, we are denied entry by being left out of songs, music videos and the Grand Ole Opry.

Gretchen was born in Pocahontas, Illinois to a 16-year-old mother.

After leaving Sony, she was wealthy enough in 2009 to start her own record label, Redneck Records, and built her own studio on her farm outside Nashville.Then to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her debut album, Wilson came to The Pageant in St.Louis to record “Still Here for the Party,” a video available on (along with “Undressed,” a 2015 let-your-hair-down dressing-room jam).It also rocketed four singles into the Top 10: “When I Think About Cheatin’” (No. Again, she earned a slew of 2007 Grammy nominations, including best song, album, performance and collaboration (with Merle Haggard on “Politically Incorrect”). Despite its torrid debut, the “All Jacked Up” single peaked at No. While successful beyond most artists’ dreams, the album sold “only” 1 million copies.Three other singles from the album failed to crack the Top 20, although her rendition of “I Don’t Feel Like Loving You Today” grabbed another Grammy nomination in 2008.Things could be changing, though, or maybe it’s just that some talent is undeniable, no matter the person’s sexuality.

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