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Posted by A Graham under african american, black career women, black women, black women entrepreneur, Blogroll, business, businesswoman, businesswomen, career, professional black women | Tags: Adrienne Graham, career, job search, new year, professional development | Leave a Comment Happy New Year!!!It’s a new year and time to shed the past and look towards creating a new future.

Who’s to blame for you not learning new skills or exploring other career options? Your life is what you make it to be and no government or corporation has an obligation to help you figure it out.

With the onset of new gadgets (i Phones, i Pads, Blackberry, Android, etc) a whole segment of jobs opened up in App development.

Take an inventory of the different things you like, what you’re good at, and what you would like to do.

If you’re currently employed at a company where they will reimburse for professional training or in a state where the local Department of Labor is able to pay part of all of the expense, take advantage of it.

Also look into scholarship or waiver opportunities to help with the expense.

I think many people fall short here because it becomes a matter of survival and hiring managers can sense that. Hiring Managers spook easily and will think “will this person leave my position if something better comes along? But in a scary economy, you have to do your best to assure employers that you are legitimately interested, even if it is your intention to seek greener pastures. All positions you apply for must fit into your master career plan.

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