Channing tatum dating anyone

Bynes is seen placing her hand casually on Tatum’s stomach.Tatum has his biggest film role as Duke in “She’s the Man.” He was was previously featured in “Havoc” and “Supercross.” Now that he’s dating Bynes he’s sure to get more recognition.He added, 'Changing the baby is an intermission – but our daughter hates getting her diaper changed, so it’s almost like a break-dancing battle to get it on her.As soon as you lay her down, she’s bridging out of it and doing some jujitsu windmill.What's more, a pair of barely there stilettos is the ultimate in versatile wardrobe staples.

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Style yours with a colour-popping dress and monochrome box clutch for the perfect colour clash.

One day she is captured and an attempt is made on her life, but she finds herself spectacularly rescued by a charming, if unusual-looking, warrior; a half-man, half-human hybrid who has been genetically modified for the interplanetary military.

It's he who leads her to the truth about herself and her destiny.

Having been born under a night sky where the stars aligned to form her extraordinary future, Jupiter is the foretold forthcoming Queen of the Universe who has been prophesised to usurp the power of the current King and Queen.

Living in fear of their imminent fall from power, the rulers order her to be disposed of as soon as possible.

Although it's been eight years since the couple appeared as dance partners Step-Up, that doesn't mean they don't dance anymore.

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